Lights in the night

Designed by Giorgio Palù

The stainless steel and black leather Night Bird chandelier enchants with its particular structure characterized by original contrasts and illuminations. In fact, the shine of the conical stems anchoring and the softness of the base are surrounded by different types of lights: the adjustable spotlights placed above the lighting body guarantee an intense lighting of paintings and objects, while the recessed Led rails of the lower part, design an elegant patchwork and create a softer lighting. The bright orange aura that emerges from the plane diffuses instead a warm mood light.



The structure of Night Bird has an original anchorage with conical stems in polished stainless steel.

Illuminating body:

The lighting body consists of a square top in black or brown leather crossed by thin recessed Led strips. Above it, there are several adjustable retractable spotlights and orange atmospheric lights.

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